Online Saree Boutique in Kolkata Showcasing the Purest Form of Indian Attire

A dash of colour here and there and a touch of the magical hands of the local artisans weaving six-yard stories – that’s what DORA is all about. If you are a lover of handloom sarees and need to replenish your wardrobe, google ‘saree boutique near me’ and we have got you covered. We are an online handloom saree boutique that works closely with the artisans and weavers from all over India and curate handcrafted items for you all. Therefore, each piece we offer is unique and authentic. We have a variety of collections to offer when it comes to the country’s much appreciated attire known for its dignity and versatility. The selective sarees we create and handpick for our esteemed clientele mesmerizes them and there is more to come. An assortment of sarees, stoles, and dupatta will leave you in awe for this Kolkata saree boutique online. While the boutique saree collection  is delightful, the variety of fabrics will leave you with a not-to-forget charisma. Luckily, our boutique presents a striking balance between the traditional as well as the contemporary style.

Fall in Love with Bengal Handloom Sarees from One of the Best Online Saree Shops in Kolkata

Our Founder Kakali Biswas has joined hands with various local artisans to create something special and bring in textiles, techniques and craftsmanship across various age groups. From Bengal cottons, Ajrakhs, South Cottons, Silks, Hand Embroidery, Screen Prints, Hand Block Prints to handloom Boutique sarees in Kolkata – our varieties will leave you enthralled. We are a brand symbolizing the power of women and our collections of Kolkata saree online reflect that at every inch. Whether it is for a casual or a formal occasion, the festivities or personal occasions, we have an attire to spellbind the customers. While you can shop for casual sarees for office wear, the varieties we present for special occasions create hypnotic effect with colours and prints.

If you want to buy Bengali saree online, visit our Shop section and get a glimpse of the variety of textiles and craftsmanship we offer. Shopping for sarees comes with a great deal of excitement for every woman. With Dora, one of the best saree shops in Kolkata, you have everything it takes to top the charts. You may buy a saree less or more frequently, but do not forget to go through our offerings before embarking on your journey.